Top performing organizations require real data to make real people decisions.

At Culture Index, we help you maximize your bottom line by optimizing your organization from the top down.

Culture Index works exclusively with visionary business leaders to scale and transform their organizations using applied analytical traits assessments.


Our consultants have been in your position, and know that your most valuable resource and leading indicator to financial success is your people.


We translate, mobilize, and present the data in a peer-to-peer scenario, to ensure clarity of message and maximize your company’s overall performance.


The effectiveness of our program can be measured by increased revenue, profits, higher employee engagement, and overall organizational scale.


Culture Index ™ is a strategic advisory firm that works exclusively with visionary entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, and management to scale and transform organizations using applied analytical traits.

We optimize your organization using your most precious resource – people. Whether hiring, managing, or motivating top tier talent, Culture Index ™ is the preeminent solution to maximize your goals.

Our approach is simple and straightforward to get you on your way to swift results.


You and your team will take a quick survey via our web portal. We use this to gather analytics on your team by measuring seven work-related traits.


We analyze the data and share our findings in a peer-to-peer format to ensure clarity of the results and to create change within your team.


We’re in the knowledge transfer business. Moving forward, we provide actionable executive feedback to mobilize your efforts for immediate results.

Our wide range of services are designed to give your teams the tools to succeed.

Our Services

  • Reducing Turnover
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Retention
  • Recruitment
  • Customer Retention
  • Team Strategy & Design
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Candidate Filtering
  • Motivation and Coaching
  • Behavioral-Based Interviewing & Selection
  • Executive Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Management & Supervisor Training
  • Increasing Sales

Our Solutions

The sum of the parts of your company make a whole world of difference in how it runs and where it stands among the competition.

At Culture Index™, our primary focus is to guide companies down a path to powerful company culture and proven success using real data and measurable solutions. We do so by deploying the following four primary functions.


Applied Analytical
Traits Assessments

Culture Index™ measures seven work-related traits. A few things to keep in mind about our survey:

  • It is not a test, there is no passing or failing.
  • There are no correct or incorrect answers.
  • We only measure work-related behaviors.
  • We cannot determine age, race, gender, or religion.


Strategic Consultants

Culture Index™ consultants are qualified leaders with experience as former executives and industry leaders.

They will work directly with you to translate, mobilize, and execute decisions aligned around your goals and move toward empowering your company.


Secure Portal Access

Culture Index™ is the service that transforms your company, with your company’s future as the focus.

Our secure, proprietary software and unlimited surveys allow clients to seamlessly access, monitor, and manage their own information as we work together.


C-Job and C-Filter

Each company Culture Index™ serves is nuanced and unique. There are no cookie cutter approaches to building your business.

The C-Job and C-Filter proprietary software solutions allow each company to combine multiple data sources to ensure applicants match your company's needs.

The software sorts applicants by stack, ranking them from a 0 to 100% match for your desired position.

We have consultants around the nation, ready to transform your organization.

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